Maskcara Beauty Makeup Is Amazing

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What makes Maskcara Beauty Makeup so great? Scroll down to find out!

Story Time

Once upon a long time ago, as I was scrolling through Pinterest to occupy my time, I stumbled across a post from a beauty blogger. Little did I know at that time that that post would lead to huge changes in my life! …Because at first, it didn’t. It taught me some good makeup tricks. Good to know but not life changing. Nope, the huge changes took years to show up!

I started following this blog because I liked it and I thought Cara was great. Plus, the name – Maskcara, when her name was Cara, and she was a beauty blogger – it was just too perfect! So I followed along and heard about highlighting and contouring (HAC) for the first time. Mind. Blown. No wonder celebrities are always better looking!

So I tried it. HACing. I failed. Like, epic, face plant, bearded lady, dirt steaks fail. It looked AWFUL! And kudos to those I lived around for not mercilessly mocking my horrible makeup. Cause I took pictures and I cringe looking at them. Still.

Just for fun, here it is. Now understand, this was my first attempt, and I like to pretend (read: lie to myself) that it improved from here. But all around, bad.

And then something magical happened to save me from looking like this anymore! Cara announced (and followed through on her announcement!) that she was creating a product to help the hopeless HACers like me not suck so much at it! (Her announcement sounded nothing like that. It was actually super kind and excited and didn’t mention me at all…but that’s how I heard it.) She was creating a foundation that was the highlight and contour. Thank goodness. Because none of the products I tried looked any good. Obviously.

Well, long story long, my husband bought me the very first compact to launch for Christmas. (Ok, so it was a batch of them and I might have had the second…or fortieth…)  I tried it and here are the results of my very first Maskcara Beauty Makeup HAC.

Same bathroom. Same lighting. Sameish color shirt and hairdo. I did not change out light bulbs. I did not change anything but the makeup! It looks like I’m glowing! I also do NOT look like I’m in need of a shave! Wow huh?!

So, hooked. I continued buying Maskcara Beauty Makeup for the next several years. It went through some changes (improvements) and eventually became what it is today. Which is epic awesomeness.

And this is what it looks like with a bit of practice and the improvements to the formula. (Excuse the narcissism, I just really love this makeup.) It’s also important to mention, I’m still not a makeup pro. I’m just a regular person!

These are all in different lighting, on different days. And I don’t actually have any cheekbones. (Or hair anymore as you may have noticed.) It looks so natural and beautiful and glowing and radiant and amazing and…


“Ok, ok, Calli, nice story (kinda long and boring) but that’s not life changing. It’s makeup.” you say.


Well, here’s where things get serious! In January of 2017 Cara made another announcement. She decided, instead of putting her makeup in one of the many stores that wanted it, she would allow us regular users to sell it! It’s like an MLM but it’s not an MLM because the underlings can surpass their upline in rank and pay. It’s really kind of ingenious! Now long story short, I signed up, cause, duh.

I didn’t sign up right away cause I was in the middle of living in a camper with a newborn and 2 very young boys while my husband worked insane hours and did full time school. Plus, I was scared. I don’t sell things. I was also afraid that everyone would start analyzing my makeup as soon as I said I sell it (which they do!) but I realized I can make it a point to overstate that I am a novice.

And that’s kind of what makes Maskcara Beauty Makeup so awesome. It makes a novice appear much more talented than she really is. It makes HACing look natural and beautiful. This makeup isn’t expensive, it is good for your skin, it has amazing coverage while feeling like wearing practically nothing!

I started telling people about and trying this makeup on faces when I bought my very first compact years ago. It just seemed natural to get paid to do the same thing!

So for anyone wanting to check it out, is my site. Please also feel free to comment below, find me on Facebook at and comment, follow, like, you know, all that stuff. While you are welcome to order through the site, I do like to have a chance to offer you specials  or discuss color matching so I would prefer you contact me first! But if you know what you want and you don’t care for discounts, go right on ahead! Please enter party number *15324* at checkout. My artist number is 5160 for anyone having a difficult time with the website.

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