Excuse My Messy House, My Husband Doesn’t Care

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So remember my real life friend Erica from this post? Well, she’s back again today! See, she read my post about why I don’t apologize for my messy house, and she had some really great insight. She started talking to me about it and I said, “You should just write it up for me!” And she did. 🙂 So yay for us!

Oh and in case you forgot, she blogs at Dresses and Spurs all about crafting and she’s awesome at it! So go check her out there when you’re done reading her here.

Excuse my messy house, my husband doesn’t care.

You might walk into your friend or family member’s house and think, “Man she isn’t a good housekeeper, she must not care”, or “She’s not a good housekeeper, her house is always messy”. I’ll admit that I’ve been one to have those thoughts too: “She must not care about her house because it’s so messy” or “She must have grown up in a messy house”.

But why all the blame on your friend, the wife, the mom? Why is all the blame on the woman?

Have you ever thought, “Her husband doesn’t care if he lives in a messy house?”  After all he does live there, right?!

If you’re a stay at home mom like me, then you might understand how much work it is. Your place of work is where you have to get ready for the day, have all your meals, have your down time (if you get any), and where you are all. the. time.

Yes there are responsibilities in this stay at home mom ‘job’, but it’s tiring and it seems we can never get caught up on our ‘work’. There are always things on our to-do list, am I right?!

So needless to say our ‘place of work’ might get a little messy sometimes since we don’t have a janitorial service that comes in and cleans once a week. Heck, I don’t even have co-workers to help will all the ‘office duties’ that must be taken care of.

Clearly my husband doesn’t care that I (we) have a messy house! He comes to my ‘place of work’ and has a meal, but then doesn’t help with the cleanup.

So, the next time you think, “She has a messy house” or ‘”She doesn’t care that the house is a mess” just know that it’s not that she doesn’t care. Keeping the house mess-free is a hard job even for a stay at home mom. So let’s cut her some slack and not judge her. After all, does it really matter what her house looks like?

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Erica is the crafter, card maker, quilter, and DIY-er behind the Dresses and Spurs blog. She is a mom who is surrounded by dresses and spurs (well at the moment anyway). She enjoys crafting and is always thinking about the next project to come. Visit her here at www.dressesandspurs.blogspot.com.

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