When Popcorn Doesn’t Pop (Plus an Extra Delicious Tip)

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Popping Popcorn

I thought when Popcorn lost it’s pop, that’s it – game over. Do you know how much popcorn I’ve used to make foot warmers or beanbags? Do you know how much popcorn I have thrown away? Un-popping popcorn was always been depressing and upsetting but I figured it was one of the many disappointments of life.WRONG!

When I tried this “fix” I was super skeptical. It seemed too easy. I had lost too many kernels to the abyss to have this easy of a trick work. But I had half of a 25 lb bag of popcorn left. I had to at least give it a try! (Who buys that much popcorn at a time anyway??)→   Keep Reading!

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Hummus – Easy and Delicious

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Ok guys, I made a recipe. This one is all me here. And we are obsessed! Since invention about two weeks ago, I believe we’ve made this three times…one of which was a double batch. We like hummus at our house and have tried a few different recipes but nothing was quite right.

This one is.

In fact, this one is perfect. For us. Don’t want to get too carried away here. Everyone likes things a little different. Anyway, here it is. Try it. You aren’t out much if you don’t like it. But I may think you’re crazy. Because it’s delicious.→   Keep Reading!

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