Is Bringing Home the Bacon Enough?

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Today I’d like to welcome a real life friend of mine to the blog. So far, all my guest posts have come from people I’ve met online through blogging. This one, I ACTUALLY know! And she’s awesome. She runs a crafting blog called Dresses and Spurs and seriously, she could keep up with Martha Stewart. She’s one of those people who can actually do the Pinterest crafts the rest of us envy. But today, she isn’t going to talk to us about crafting. If you want to see that, head here to see her blog of awesomeness. Today, she’s addressing a simple question, “Is bringing home the bacon enough?”

I give you Erica.

Most of us have heard the phrase, “He brings home the bacon”. But is bringing home the bacon enough?

At first thought, you might say, “Yes.” Well I don’t think it is. Yes, I agree that my husband does a great job at ‘bringing home the bacon’, but that is NOT enough.

Let me explain. While dating and blinded by new love we tend to think marriage is all roses and fun and blah. blah, blah. But I’ve been thinking about this whole “bringing home the bacon” phrase and it HIT ME! Bringing home the bacon IS NOT ENOUGH!

Let’s think a moment about actual bacon. If I were to have a meal involving bacon it would probably be breakfast. And what else might I have with my breakfast besides bacon? I sure hope my meal would consist of more than bacon!  I’d probably have eggs, hash browns, toast, etc. I’d have a full-on breakfast. The FULL MONTE if you will. So who is making all the other ‘food’ to go with the bacon? ME!

If all he brings to the table (haha, nice one I did there!) is bacon, it’s not enough added to the relationship. As wives, mothers, and companions, we need more than just the “bacon” to survive in a relationship. We need companionship, someone to talk to, someone who listens, someone who is interested in us, someone who wants to be with us, someone who serves us without being asked, and someone who provides more than just a paycheck (bacon) to the relationship.

We need to help our husbands understand that there is more that we need more in this relationship we call marriage. And, we need to teach our children so they know, so they become wise and responsible adults. (It would be nice if our husbands had already learned this. And maybe some husbands have. Bless you that have husbands that have learned this and bring more to the table than just the “bacon!”)

If all our husbands do is work and supply us with the ‘bacon’ and they think it’s enough, that’s a problem. It’s not enough. We can’t survive on bacon alone! If only we could get our husbands to understand this and to act on our needs as wives, mothers, and companions (I’m not really sure how to do this myself) our lives would be full of wonderful breakfasts with both partners making the entire meal together. All. Day. Everyday.

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Erica is the crafter, card maker, quilter, and DIY-er behind the Dresses and Spurs blog. She is a mom who is surrounded by dresses and spurs (well at the moment anyway). She enjoys crafting and is always thinking about the next project to come. Visit her here at

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