Zaycon! The best meat you can buy.

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So for anyone who doesn’t know about Zaycon – my condolences. For those of you who do, awesome right?

Zaycon Fresh

Zaycon is this awesome company who sells awesome products. They only sell in bulk quantities but their prices and their quality is unbeatable. Obviously, I haven’t tried their beef because I live on a cattle ranch and we have beef provided with the job, but the boneless skinless chicken breasts, which I have tried, are unbelievable! You know how most of the chicken breasts you buy at stores are small and then shrink a lot once you cook them? Not Zaycons. No way. They are huge and REAL. Not injected with lots of liquid that evaporates when you cook them. Tender and juicy and wonderful. Now, because they come in a 40 lb box, I can most of mine, which is a post of awesomeness in and of itself. Perhaps I’ll write it once I get my chicken this time… Thanks to my sister-in-law for teaching me that chicken even could be canned! But if you don’t can, dividing them into smaller bags and freezing them works just as well. I just used up the last of mine from the freezer from over a year ago and they were as delicious as when I first got them.

I haven’t tried their other products yet but have heard amazing things about them as well, especially bacon and sausage (and beef which I typically ignore).

Right now, Zaycon has a promo going where you can buy any two boxes of meat and get $25 dollars off. For the chicken, that translated to $1.69/lb AFTER tax! Incredible! Use this link to go order or tell them you were referred by Rusty Basket (I’ll get a small kickback at no cost to you cause they are just awesome like that) and enter coupon code 2FER25 (make sure you use the capital letters) to get your $25 dollars off.

Hooray for you! Happy grilling, freezing, canning…enjoying!

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