The Toy Experiment: One Week In

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These are the sorted bags of toys hiding in my closet.
The blue truck in the wire basket was choice number one. Most of the rest are still waiting right there.

Here I told you about stealing and hiding every toy my children have and why I did it. Drastic yes. Enjoyable? Also yes.

I suppose it is time for an update.

The Road So Far: (Supernatural anyone? 🙂 )

Day 1: Casey came home from working with his dad and ran into his room saying, “Let’s play toys!” Uh oh. He ran into his room to get some toys for us to all play with, stopped, looked around, kind of shrugged and ran back out. He didn’t say anything or ask where they were. He instead just started wrestling with his dad.

I later explained what happened and told him that he could ask for any toys he wanted and I would go get them for him. He promptly asked for his blue truck and once Simeon started trying to take it, he requested the green trailer that came with it “for Sim to play with.”

Day 2: Hiding place discovered! Disaster! Only not so much. He tried to take some out and I told him “No, only I will get you the toys you want.” He then requested a tractor.
The rest of the week: No requests. No going into my closet to steal any. He did find one action figure under a chair that I had missed so he can keep it too. (Fortunately it was one he had asked about earlier so I know he really likes it.) He has one truck, one trailer, one tractor, and one TMNT action figure. In a week. That’s it. 4 toys. And he is happy. And Sim is happy. And my house isn’t destroyed by toys everywhere.

Week Worth of ToysDrawbacks: Sometimes, both boys want the same toy and without a bunch of others around as distractions, they can get a little angry. Also, for some reason, all the lids to my pans have become ENTHRALLING. They play with them all the time…which is ok because they are metal and invincible and they play nicely with them. Kind of a mess sometimes though. But I can step on a lid without feeling crippled forever afterwards, which was not the case with the toys.

Perks: My room is toy free. My feet feel healed and refreshed. The boys’ rooms are both clutter free. They play better together (without toys) and with my husband and I than they did before. They have rediscovered in Casey’s case, and discovered in Simeon’s, a love for reading and books. (Which, because I have been the biggest reading nerd I know my entire life, I LOVE!) And, if every single toy they have is left out, the living room is still pretty clean.

It is AMAZING so far! Seriously. I realize one week in is still a little early to throw my whole backing behind this but it’s tempting. Even if it ends up failing later, I got a whole week free from excessive toys and broken feet. Love it!

I’ll continue updating as I continue experimenting. We’re hoping that by the end of a month, we’ll be able to just get rid of anything he hasn’t asked for yet. *Fingers Crossed* We’d really like to donate it to a local refugee relief organization and I think that is something Casey would happily get behind. We shall see!!

Anyone else out there taken the plunge and taken the toys? I know a lot of you are following our progress around here. I’d like to hear how things work out for you too!

Update: Click here for the final installment. 


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