The Toy Experiment: Day 1

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This was from the KonMari day. Those are all of the toys!
This was from the KonMari day. Those are all of the toys! Some of them did go that day but not many.

I am done. I won’t do it anymore. No one can make me.


Taking over my house, my sanity, my life!


Starting today, I’m trying a VERY intense experiment. And my children don’t know yet. My youngest is napping and my oldest went with Dad to work. Sounds like the perfect time to find, sort, and store every. single. toy. in the house. All of them. There are none in my living room, none in the boys’ rooms, no toys anywhere…except in a giant pile hidden in my closet. And do you know what? My house is pretty clean. I didn’t do anything else except take all the toys and now I have a clean house. That tells me something.

Now obviously, I can’t keep all their toys forever. And that isn’t the plan. But we need to cut back. DRASTICALLY. I had tried to KonMarie those things but with a 3 year old, every toy is his favorite. Every toy sparks joy. It failed. Big time. I actually felt like some of the toys multiplied because they felt a threat to their existence. (If you don’t know about KonMari here is a photo link to the book on Amazon.
It is an affiliated link for which I receive a commission if you purchase it. Really great stuff in there for adults…not so much for kids.)

These are the sorted bags of toys hiding in my closet.
These are the sorted bags of toys hiding in my closet.

So this time is something different. This time, I have faith that I’ve come up with a perfect plan to find out which toys are REALLY his favorites, which toys spark real joy. I took them. All. I hid them all. And he will only get back the toys he specifically requests. He can explain every toy in detail so it will work. When he wants one, I’ll go retrieve it. He may then add it to his toy bin (which is blissfully empty right now) and keep it.

I also believe this will help me find the balance of how many toys he can actually handle having. We’ve been way over that limit. He gets stressed. They never get picked up. He can’t decide what to play with so he gets everything out and never actually plays… It’s been a disaster.

Obviously, this could severely backfire. This could be an epic failure. And if so, you all have a front row seat to watch me crash and burn.

But it could succeed. It could be the answer to so many parent’s toy problem. It could help my children and myself to find a happy beautiful balance. And if it does, you’ll have a front row seat to watching the magic unfold.

Either way, entertainment for you.

Wish us luck!

Update: Click here for the next installment or here for the final update.

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