Simple Coffee Filter Wreath – Inexpensive and Beautiful!

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coffee-filter-wreathThis simple coffee filter wreath is one of my favorite crafts I’ve ever made for the Holidays. It was free to me (because I inherited the coffee filters from someone who used to live in the house I moved into) but would be VERY inexpensive to make, even if you had to purchase all the supplies specifically for this project. It turns out gorgeous, even if you are a terrible crafter such as myself.

Really, I don’t think you can screw this one up.

So lets get started!


  • Coffee Filters
  • Old cardboard (cereal box, moving box, whatever!)
  • Glue (I used Elmer’s because I had it but I think hot glue would work better.)
  • Two circles of different sizes to trace around…unless  you are an amazing circle drawer.
  • Scissors or Utility Knife
  • Optional: Ribbon
  • Optional: Beads, Glitter, Greenery, Embellishments


  • Start by tracing your circles onto your old cardboard. My sizes depended on the size of my cardboard. You can also change your inside circle to make a thicker or thinner ring for your wreath. I ended up using a lid to a bowl for the outside and a cup for the inside. Eyeball to get the inside circle centered. I discovered it doesn’t really matter that it’s perfect because the filters don’t fill perfectly even.
  • Cut out the wreath frame. Set aside.imag1416
  • Take a single coffee filter, fold it in half and then beginning rolling to form a flower-like shape.
    imag1418imag1419imag1420Squish the bottom together and fold it flat to keep it from unrolling. Repeat repeatedly. You will need a LOT of these. I took a few and wrapped them in another filter or two to add variation (bigger and smaller “flowers”) but once the wreath was complete, the weren’t very noticeable.
  • Once you have a pretty good sized pile of coffee filter flowers, begin gluing them to your cardboard frame. There is no right way to do this. I made it up and mine looks great! Just make sure you’re doing them close enough together that the cardboard doesn’t show through. I glued the sides of a few of mine together so they would cover better.imag1417
  • Optional: Add a string or ribbon to hang it. You could come up with some other hanging method for your coffee filter wreath but this worked best for me. I glued the ribbon on before finishing with the flowers so they would help hold it but you could also glue it to the back. Heck, it’s cardboard so you could thumb tack this up!
  • Continue making and gluing on the flowers until covered. imag1415
  • Optional: Add whatever embellishments you like. I love things clean and simple so I left mine plain but it would look great with things added to it if you like yours a little more “festive” or exciting.
  • Hang it up, feel proud, and enjoy your simple, practically free, gorgeous coffee filter wreath.

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