Off Adventuring! Write You When I Get Back.

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I am so excited I could die! We are off adventuring to Las Vegas (which is NOT the exciting part for me!) to visit my parents (which IS the exciting part).

They left to serve as missionaries about 6 months ago and we haven’t seen them since. Now normally, I could probably go 6 months without seeing them and survive, but this time, I had a baby that they haven’t met! And they need to before he turns into a kid. They will be gone until July so if they are going to get to see him as a squishy little baby instead of a mischievous crawling kid, I need to take him down.

And so we’re off!

I’m also really excited to see my parents as missionaries. Whenever we talk to them on the phone they sound so happy. I know from my own missionary experience that nothing is quite so rewarding (and exhausting!) as dedicating every second of every day to “teaching people about Jesus,” as my oldest puts it. I’m going to be very interested in seeing the ways they’ve changed.

(It will also be fun to see how they are handling so much togetherness! My dad has always gone to work all day while my mom has stayed and taken care of the house. I’m giggling already picturing them trying to figure out sharing their spaces constantly.)

Until Next Week

While I’m off adventuring, I knew I wouldn’t be doing much blogging. I just thought I’d let you know why I’m not on Facebook so much! 😉 So, in the meantime, feel free to go browsing through old posts and find a new/old favorite.

I will be back next week and I have a few guest posts from new friends lined up in the near future so get excited!

Also, if you want pictures and updates of our little trip, follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook. That’s where I will be most likely to post anything!

Until then, have a great weekend!!


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