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I wanted to take a minute to say hi. While I realize that you can read my “About Me” for a quick snippet of my life, I was hoping to let you know me a little more.

Everyone’s story is long. Here are my highlights:meet-the-author

I grew up as number 5 in a list of 7 children.

I have loved to try, and often fail, at all kinds of new things. I started the violin at age 26 until my teacher moved away. I can officially play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and a pretty jazzy version of Old MacDonald. My oldest son used to scream the whole time I practiced. That must mean I was good right?

I took oil painting in college and sometimes my fruit looked like fruit. Of course, my pears and green apples were pretty hard to tell apart but by the end of my second year, I could crank out some decent looking pictures. I don’t oil paint these days. With two little boys, that’s a carpet disaster waiting to happen.

I took up archery (with a recurve bow NOT a compound) and after watching Lars Anderson’s youtube video (an experience I’ll tell you), I stopped aiming and got considerably better. Someday, I might be as cool as he.

I don’t fail at all my new things though. I can make other people’s recipes like nobody’s business, especially bread. Homemade bread in all it’s varieties may very well be my favorite food. I don’t invent many of my own recipes (unless I just alter the original to suite me and my family) but I can sure cook the recipes someone else invented.

I’m also fabulous at budgeting. For real. I never would have thought that would happen. My dad used to say that I was like “a cow in the stackyard” with my money. Explanation – a cow that gets into the stackyard (the fenced area where all the hay is kept for feeding during the winter) will eat a ton and then bed in and poop on the rest. They don’t think about needing to eat the next day or the one after that. They don’t realize the hay needs to last them until green grass grows and they waste it. Interpretation – I couldn’t keep money around for a day when I needed it. I got access to some and I blew it. However, after 3 years of marriage, this wasn’t as fun. We were ranching and that is a notoriously low paying job. Worrying about how to get Christmas gifts for our son was stressful and depressing. I’ve always been very anti debt (for most situations), which was a blessing, but I knew things needed to change. I invented my own way to budget and instigated it. (Read about it here.) Over the course of 2 years we have saved up nearly $20,000 and have made several large purchases along the way – including paying for a second child to be born.

Now, more about my life. I got married in 2011, just a couple weeks after my 23rd birthday. April Fool’s Day. I told my husband that that way, if I ever got sick of him, I could just say “April Fool’s” and walk out. Luckily he knows I will never get sick of him. We have quite a story. Whole post in and of itself there. Highlights: High school best friends. He liked me. I didn’t know that and didn’t exactly return the feelings. We never dated…and I mean even up until we were engaged kind of never. He was out of the country for a few years and then I was on the other side of the country once he got back for another year. Once I made it back, after 3 years of not seeing each other or even talking on the phone, he proposed in 9 days. 9 weeks later we were married. Not having a real “wedding” with all the trimmings (not even a dress for this girl) was the best decision. I never did play “Bride” as a child. I like things simple and painless. Best April Fool’s Day ever.

We had our first son by the end of 2012. That was not the experience I had expected. I suffered (and I use that word intentionally) two miscarriages before finally having a successful pregnancy and delivery. My heart goes out so much to any women who struggle with fertility or child loss in any variety. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through. I was fortunate to learn I had a very treatable progesterone deficiency and our second son came exactly two years and two months later without any complications. We’re considering a third child but we shall see.

We live on a ranch in a very small town – approximately 500 people. This seems like a populated area to us though. Our previous home was in a valley where all neighbors we seperated by a minimum of 1 mile and groceries or gasoline were an hour’s drive away.  We have two! gas stations here and a small store! And a post office. There are even parks. And a few places to buy food someone else cooked. It’s amazing.

Life is usually pretty good. Parenthood is hard. Like, way hard. Like, no one can ever explain the amount or variety of difficult you experience by having children. Adulting is hard but fun and fulfilling too. I suppose I should say parenting is also fulfilling. And fun. And fills the hole you have in your soul even if some days you think it may rip a new one. I like seeing the world from my children’s eyes. It has helped me rediscover the girl I used to be and the things I forgot I liked. It has helped me learn to like new things. Like purple. I like purple. It’s a beautiful color. And Mexican food. I like black beans and pretty much anything they are in. I like old rusty things. I love pretty much anything made of wood. I hate noise making toys but love how happy they make my children. I love my three-year-old boy singing me songs. I love watching my kids play together…until someone screams.

I know I’m just another average mommy blogger but I hope you will stick around as I discover what makes me unique.

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