Light Therapy with Elan Energetics

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So I mentioned in this post about letting go of everyone else’s expectations of you, how I starting on some light therapy. I got a big response saying you wanted to know more…so here we go! I’d like to preface this by saying I’m in no way a medical professional or even super knowledgeable about light therapy and everything that it can do. I can only tell you my experience and the experience of a few of my family members. I am not even affiliated with Elan Energetics, they are simply the company that made the device my parent’s bought that I have tried. My parents are setup to sell these though. For anyone who is very interested, I could work that out for you. Email me at if you want more information on buying your own light therapy set. I also want to warn, they are pretty expensive. Like, several thousand dollars expensive. But I also know these are not the only products like this available. They are the only one’s I’ve used though. You may also find someone who lives around you that sells light therapy sessions instead of buying your own set.

Anyway, now that you know I have no stakes and no training in this, I want to share my experience. It started with my brother. Or maybe his wife… But for me, it was his experience that convinced me. He recently discovered that he has diabetes. A pretty severe case actually. Like, if he didn’t drink ridiculous amounts of water every day, he would have been in a diabetic coma. Anyway, he found this out and of course, his diet had to change. He wanted to stay off insulin if he could so the doctor told him things to eat and not eat and put him on a trial. He had to test his blood sugar often and keep track for his next appointment. In the meantime, his wife had used these lights at her friend’s house for some seasonal depression and swore they cured it. She suggested they rent a set to try them on my brother. The one thing everyone says about light therapy, at least this system, is, “They can’t hurt you.” They are even safe for use on children but for shorter periods of time, typically 1 minute per age. Colors of LifeIt’s not like an experimental drug with a list of side effects. So they got the lights. He tried the lights. He kept doing all the things the Doctor told him and kept tracking his blood sugar levels. When he went back in for his next appointment, the Doctor was floored. He said there was no way my brother should have improved so much! It was “unheard of” to see that drastic of a change. No, he wasn’t cured. No, he didn’t use this in place of sound medical advice. Yes, it did help. Now, lest you think they did nothing and his improvement was due to his lifestyle changes, the rental period ended and they returned the lights. Almost immediately, his blood sugar went back up. So they bought some. Having something so tangible, so trackable, was enough to get me interested.

Their particular set of lights has 3 ports and 3 light pads that attach. The lights themselves are blue, red, and nearly infrared. They refer to those as “the colors of life.” The pads also emit sound frequencies. (But they are VERY quiet! Like, almost silent.) There are two pads for the body and one to go over the eyes. The company makes 6 port units also but I haven’t tried them yet. The 3 port unit has 7 settings and then A-C. Each of the numbered settings focuses on a different part of the body – bones and arthritis, gums and inside of mouth, hormones, digestion, circulation… while the lettered settings cycle through different frequencies and focus on broader spectrums such as calming and rejuvenation. The different varieties of light focus on different areas of the body. The sound frequencies are also therapeutic and healing. They have used these lights to help people with anything from migraines to autism to arthritis to injury.

My dad was one of the most responsive people to the light therapy. He’s always been pretty skeptical about most of the “witch doctor” stuff my mom gets into but he liked the idea of these. He went to try them at my brother’s house. He has a lot of issues from a lot of years of horse wrecks and playing too hard. Light Therapy helped Grandpa play cars He’s broken about anything you can break and only went to the doctor for a handful of them so not everything healed right. He messed up a knee playing high school football and hasn’t had feeling in his leg since. He never knelt on that knee our entire childhood. In fact, his other knee had started giving him problems because he’s compensated for so many years. So he really didn’t kneel down much at all anymore. He used this light therapy on that bad knee and crawled around on the floor playing trucks with my boys a few days later.
My mom had never even seen him kneel and here he was, crawling! Pretty much anything he puts the lights on is cured – from sore, arthritic hands to stiff old shoulders to sluggish bowels. (That one wasn’t pretty!)

The rest of us have less dramatic results with the light therapy but still feel significant changes. For me, it provides emotional stability that I sometimes can’t grasp on my own. I can fake emotion stability all the time but I can’t always feel it. I tried a short experiment with my parent’s set of lights. They were both out of town for a few days and dropped the unit off at our house to use. I decided to use it vigilantly. Twice a day, every day. Then, when they took it back, I went a few days without going over to borrow it, just to see the difference. While I had it, I enjoyed my children, I woke up ready for every day, I was productive. I enjoyed life, which is something that some of you take for granted. It’s not always easy for me to enjoy life, but I did while I used them. The first day without the lights, I didn’t notice much, maybe a little more tired and draggy. By the next day, I was a lot draggier and snappier at my children. By day three, my husband told me to go to my mom’s because I needed to. (I felt like when he tells our kids to go to their room!) I told him I was experimenting. He told me the results were obvious. So now we go use them frequently until we get our own set. Light at the End of the Tunnel

I’ve never put much stock into this sort of thing but I’ve also never found a treatment for depression I was willing to try. That may be a lot of the reason I wouldn’t admit I had it. I didn’t want counseling or medication, even if I recognized that they were good and helpful. I also didn’t want to be broken. I’ve always had a hard time admitting when something was wrong with me and I couldn’t bring myself to say that I had something seriously off with my feelings. Besides, my particular brand of depression always came and went so I just had to ride out the bad times and I’d be fine. After using the light therapy, during one of the worst times I’ve had in recent years, and feeling completely whole and normal and happy and in control again, I knew I wanted to tell other people about it. Yes, it helped the shoulder I slept on all wrong. Sure, I don’t have sciatic pain anymore. Yes, it calms my children and seems to cure their bumps and scrapes more quickly. But to me, it’s the emotional control it gave me, it’s the ability to feel joy in my children and husband, it’s the freedom I feel from the blackness that overtakes me that I want to shout from the rooftops…except that I live in such a rural area, I’d be lucky if two people heard me…  So here I am blogging about it.

I know I haven’t covered all of your questions or probably even half of them. Please, write me, on here, facebook, email (, wherever! to ask. I will answer you as best I can. Also, please ask me to help if you are interested in buying some. It was a fairly complicated process trying to find out how to get them but now I have an “in” with my parents.

Other awesome places to go are and to learn more about light therapy and everything these lights are capable of. Hope this helps to spark something in some of you so you can find the joy and healing we have!

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