Happy Valentine’s Day

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I know I know, I just posted about how we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day and here I am, wishing all of you a happy one! Just because my husband and I don’t celebrate it together, doesn’t mean I can’t hope all of you who do celebrate have a great time! So HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

This post doesn’t serve a whole lot of purpose except to spread a little love on this Day of Love. To you. To all of you amazing, awesome, supportive people who show up here to read my stuff. Thank you and I love you. I know there are a billion other things you could do with your time and a million other blogs you could go read. I don’t take it lightly that you come here, that you choose me and my blog, when there are so many other options vying for your attention. Really. Thank you.

Now, that’s all. Thanks for stopping by today but there will be no life lessons or entertaining tales. Not so much as a recipe or life update. Just a heartfelt (I’m so punny!) thank you.

So get out there. Have a fancy dinner, eat some chocolate (whether from a box or covering a strawberry, it’s all delicious!), wear some red and white and pink, enjoy your flowers, and cover your houses in hearts. Oh, and don’t forget to decorate some sugar cookies. (Because honestly, I think they are yucky but so much fun to decorate!)

Happy Valentine’s Day. Enjoy the love.

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