Days of Summer: A “Vacation”

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Days of SummerWe are notorious homebodies. I am especially bad, but when I’m in the mood for going and doing, it’s almost a guarantee that my husband and/or children will feel like staying home. We will go to things because we feel like we need to more often than because we actually desire to get out of the house and do something. We don’t really do real big vacations, but we couldn’t let the days of summer pass without taking our kids for at least a little adventure.

Last summer we went to Cherry Hill in Utah and Casey has talked about it ever since so we thought we might go there again. Being gigantically pregnant deterred me a bit so I did some research to find other (alternative) activities that we could do instead. Then I presented my findings to Casey and let him choose what he wanted to do. Shockingly, he did NOT pick Cherry Hill. He opted instead for the Eccles Dinosaur Park in Ogden (which is where we were staying to visit family). He has always liked dinosaurs but the pictures on the website sent him over the edge with excitement.

Kangaroo Zoo

Couldn’t even slow down enough for a clear picture!

So we packed up and left for a weekend at Nana and Grandpa’s to see what adventures we could find in their backyard. Luckily, they have been scouting the place for grandkid fun. They knew about a indoor bounce house playground called Kangaroo Zoo. Since the temperature outside was over 100°, the place was a bit warm but they gave us a discount and the kids didn’t care one bit. They had so many toys for even our little guy. They played until they were red in the face and completely exhausted. The place was a little old and dingy and we did some serious hand washing before eating the ice cream we got afterwards and bathing as soon as we got home but it was so fun for the boys I’d go again.

Eccles Dinosaur Park

Those model dinosaurs were huge!
Those model dinosaurs were huge!

The next day we hit up the much anticipated Dinosaur Park. And oh my. Casey is still talking about it! The indoor area was my favorite. They had displays of fossils and rocks and the sort of thing that peaks my nerdy side’s interest. They also had some robotic dinosaurs that terrified our 3 year old. Once he got over the fear and realized that they couldn’t eat him, he had to go back to check them out 3 more times. They were really quite good. There was also an “excavation” pit where the boys dug up dinosaur fossils.

The outdoor area was much bigger than I had expected and filled with huge model dinosaurs of all types. I think if I went again, I would make sure the weather was cooler. It was hard to take our time and enjoy it when it was so hot. Didn’t slow the boys down though. When we hit a park area, they were off and playing until the adults couldn’t take the heat anymore.

Lazy Days of Summer


Summer DaysThen we spent the rest of the weekend enjoying a more relaxed version of the days of summer. We set up sprinklers and wadding pools and played and played. We loved on the backyard horses. We hung out with family. It was wonderful! The boys had so much fun and we got a good break from the hum-drum of daily life.

Not to mention, I was so glad to come home where the temperatures stay below 90°!

How have you all been enjoying your limited days of summer? We’re always open to suggestions for next year!

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