Why Christmas is Important & It’s Not Because Jesus was Born

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We often talk about the “true meaning of Christmas” and “remembering the reason for the season” this time of year. The New Testament’s telling of Jesus’ birth is known as “The Christmas Story.” While Santa and commercialism and the consumer drive have tried to take over the holiday, most people still know what Christmas is “really about.” We celebrate Christmas every year to celebrate that Jesus Christ was born. But I would like to argue that Christmas isn’t important because He was born; Christmas is important because of everything He did afterwards.

Think about it. All of us were born. How many of you have a worldwide celebration in your honor every year?

How many people born in the history of the world have a WORLDwide celebration in their honor?

Some of the greatest people to have ever lived don’t have a holiday honoring them. I’ve never heard of a Mother Theresa day, though she seems pretty deserving. Even those with a national holiday (here in the United States) such as Martin Luther King Jr. aren’t honored throughout the entire world. My point here is that it isn’t the fact that Jesus was born that we are really celebrating.

We are celebrating the fact that Jesus – the Man who healed and helped, who loved and forgave, who walked on water, who set a perfect example, who died and lived for us, the very Light of the World – was born. If He hadn’t done all of that, even if He had done some, I believe December would be a very different month. 

We talk so much about His birth this time of year. Let us also remember His life, His death, His resurrection, and His love. Celebrate the Man that came from the birth, not the birth itself.

Remember what Christmas is really about: The Savior of the World.

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