“The Star” Salad Dressing – The Easy Way

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The Star of Elko, NV – Serves the best food (including a killer salad dressing)

If you ever happen to pass through Elko, Nevada, take a break and find a Basque restaurant. The Star is one of the more popular (although expensive) restaurants in town.
You won’t regret the experience. Cabbage soup and fresh baked bread, spaghetti and beans and garlic covered steak. And my personal favorite, a unique dressing for the salad. Salad used to be a boring side dish for me. After this salad dressing, it’s now one of my favorites. I’ve never found something similar in any other part of the country. Each restaurant in the area varies their dressing just a little but they all have the same vibe – similar to homemade ranch but with more garlic, more zip, and more amazing.→   Keep Reading!

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Hummus – Easy and Delicious

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Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link.

Ok guys, I made a recipe. This one is all me here. And we are obsessed! Since invention about two weeks ago, I believe we’ve made this three times…one of which was a double batch. We like hummus at our house and have tried a few different recipes but nothing was quite right.

This one is.

In fact, this one is perfect. For us. Don’t want to get too carried away here. Everyone likes things a little different. Anyway, here it is. Try it. You aren’t out much if you don’t like it. But I may think you’re crazy. Because it’s delicious.→   Keep Reading!

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