Rest in Peace – First Friday Flashback

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I recently found a folder of some of my old college writing and asked all of you who follow me on Facebook if you would be interested in reading any of it. I got all yeses (← such a strange looking word!) so here we go! Since it is a limited amount of content, and no more can be created when it runs out, I thought I would share some one once a month on the first Friday.

Hopefully we can all have a little fun with this.

I won’t pretend that I still hold all these opinions. Heck, I won’t pretend I even held them all back then. Sometimes I was just looking to be controversial. But some of this writing definitely does make me think… and feel. Hopefully you all get something out of them. Even if it’s only a good laugh at my silly college mind! (Don’t you sometimes miss the days when you knew it all and had everything figured out?)

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