Parenting – Wrong No Matter What You Do

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Parenting is no picnic. But total strangers seem to think you want their potato salad.

I’m about to go on a rant. You’ve been warned.

What is wrong with our world?

Do you know what it was like for our parents to raise us? Or their parent’s to raise them? Or their parents to raise them? And back and back and back since the dawn of time?! Ok, so, neither do I back that far…but the point is, for all of recent history, parenting has been the big gig.

It was the whole point of existing.→   Keep Reading!

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Why Christmas is Important & It’s Not Because Jesus was Born

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We often talk about the “true meaning of Christmas” and “remembering the reason for the season” this time of year. The New Testament’s telling of Jesus’ birth is known as “The Christmas Story.” While Santa and commercialism and the consumer drive have tried to take over the holiday, most people still know what Christmas is “really about.” We celebrate Christmas every year to celebrate that Jesus Christ was born. But I would like to argue that Christmas isn’t important because He was born; Christmas is important because of everything He did afterwards.→   Keep Reading!

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3 Core Beliefs that Change Everything

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3 Core Beliefs

3 Core Beliefs that Change Everything – It’s about to get religious.

I’ve never gotten very religious on here. I guess I felt it wasn’t the place. But do you know what I decided? Everywhere is the place, and that other attitude might be a contributing factor in the decline of our World’s values.

So I’m going to get religious.

But only a little.


It’s gonna be a new thing though. When I feel like writing something about my beliefs, I’m going to. Because my religion is probably a bigger part of what makes me who I am as a person and as a parent than any other single contributing factor in my life.→   Keep Reading!

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