“Infant Led” Lives are Train Wrecks

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“Follow your baby’s cues,” they tell you for feeding and sleeping when you are dazed and confused and just coming out of one of the most traumatic experiences of your life.

“Infant led weaning is definitely the best. It’s Nature’s way,” they say as you have managed to make it through the early months or years of feeding.

“Your child will know when it’s time for potty training,” you hear when you are sick to death of changing and buying diapers and your child has figured out how to get into (or out of) the dirty kind.→   Keep Reading!

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Adorable Children’s Books

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to super great children’s books. I make a small commission off any purchases made from these links. I only promote things that are great though. You should know this!

Who has a pile of kids books in their house? I do!

How many do your kids actually like?

How many do they love?

Often the children’s books I choose for my kids are not the books they choose for themselves. In fact, most of the time, I strike out. They like the book until the newness wears off and then they never want to look at it or ready it again.→   Keep Reading!

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Bump-Date: The Pregnancy Progression

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26 Weeks Pregnancy Progression Update
26 Weeks – Baby 3

So I go and announce that I’m pregnant. I let you all know that it’s another little boy. And then I drop it. I haven’t given you any kind of pregnancy progression, bump update since! How rude of me.

Allow me to introduce the rapidly growing belly.

Oh yeah.

Now, by 6 months pregnant with my first child, I had just started looking pregnant enough that people could notice. Do you think they notice yet? 😉 Ha! Amazing what a body can learn from having gone through this twice already.

We are already to the point of joking about using my belly to hold up poles while we’re building fence (which we could probably actually do if it were at the right height!) and wearing my husband’s t-shirts because mine have either stopped covering the bottom of my belly or they won’t even squeeze over it.→   Keep Reading!

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Let Children Be

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For those of you who follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may have already seen the photo proof of what I went through on a day last week. I hadn’t thought about sharing it on the blog until an article I read this morning on this woman’s Facebook page and I knew I wanted to address this. She has some excellent points about how to “let children be” from an entirely heartbreaking experience that actually made me sob uncontrollably for 30 minutes or so. (I thought I’d warn you in case you thought you might like to read it.) After reading it, I was very grateful for the reaction I had to my last Wednesday.→   Keep Reading!

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When Homegrown Becomes “Gross”

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Those top lettuce leaves were grown in my front yard. No one knows where the bottom heads of lettuce were grown.
Those top lettuce leaves were homegrown in my front yard. No one knows where the bottom heads of lettuce were grown.

The other day, we were sitting around our table eating dinner. I had recently picked some homegrown lettuce leaves that were just big enough to eat with our dinner. My 3 year old asked me,

“Where did this tiny salad (how he refers to lettuce) come from?”

I explained that it was from the seeds I had planted, that we had grown it, expecting him to be impressed. He has previously loved gardening and harvesting. Instead I got this,

“You didn’t buy it at the store?”

“No.” I answered.→   Keep Reading!

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Moms Can Have Friends Too

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The kids will play with anyone. Let’s make friends for us sometimes too.

I had a conversation the other day with my older sister that blew my mind. She isn’t married and she doesn’t have kids so she has a pretty good perspective on how crazy I can sometimes act. Fortunately, she said this crazy wasn’t specific to me. She pointed out something that moms, especially those of us with small kids, do that is really weird. And I had never noticed it until she brought it up but she is absolutely right. We ALL do it, ALL the time!

She observed that when we as moms want to hang out with another mom, we try to arrange it through our children. “Oh we should get these two together for a play date this week!” or “Let’s take the kids to the park on Saturday.” As if our toddlers really care. In my sister’s words, “They just sit around and poke at each other’s eyes.”→   Keep Reading!

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Toy Experiment: Finished Product

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These are the measley leftovers on the bottom.
These are the measley leftovers on the bottom.

Well, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve given an update on our toy experiment. Here is the post where I started by taking every toy in the house and here is the next update. I figure after this much time, it’s time for a wrap up.

So, how, you might ask, did the toy experiment go? I think I could sum it up with one word.


Yup. I know that’s not what you want to hear but it did. It failed miserably. I can see potential in it though! And technically, it improved our massive toy explosion situation so it wasn’t a total failure.→   Keep Reading!

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Baby Knudsen #3 Gender Reveal

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So if you missed it in this post, we are having baby #3! Hooray!

I finally hit 20 weeks and got to go get an ultrasound to find out the gender on Monday. So exciting! My awesome sister-in-law gave me an ultrasound a week or so before but it was a small machine from a clinic and Baby kept sitting with its legs crossed so we couldn’t tell if it was a boy or girl. I did get to see that it looked pretty normal, was adorable, and thankfully, there was only one baby in there! (Twins would probably send me over the crazy ledge.)→   Keep Reading!

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There are Moms Who Can

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Moms Who Can

There are Moms who can breastfeed and there are Moms who can not.

There are Moms who can make their own baby food and there are Moms who can not.

There are Moms who can co-sleep with their babies and there are Moms who can not.

There are Moms who can let their babies “cry it out” and there are Moms who can not.

There are Moms who can set schedules for their children and there are Moms who can not.

There are Moms who can cook dinner every night and there are Moms who can not.

There are Moms who can always control their temper and there are Moms who can not.→   Keep Reading!

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Birthday Parties Aren’t Special for Everyone

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Birthday parties aren't special for everyone

I recently decided that birthdays, especially ones with big parties and lots of kids, shouldn’t be a big special event for everyone. Sure they should be fun and yes everyone should get cake but why are we giving gifts to all the kids that attend? Is it their birthday? Do we go to baby showers as adults and expect to walk out of there with some loot? NO! That’s absurd! We go to support and celebrate someone else…and that’s a good skill to learn. By the time our kids are throwing bridal showers and baby showers, will they have to get a gift for everyone who attends? Because that’s what we’re teaching them. We aren’t teaching them the valuable skill of celebrating others, we’re teaching them that by going to someone else’s party, they should get something more than the joy of attendance.→   Keep Reading!

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