Best Christmas Books for Kids Under 4 Years Old

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I’m going to be the first to admit it, if a child is older than my oldest, they are a complete mystery to me. I didn’t understand ANY kids until I had one and ever since, I’ve only understood those that are his age or younger. He’s teaching me what kids are like. So these are the best Christmas books for kids under 4 years old, but older kids might really like them too. I just don’t know. And I won’t…until Casey gets there. So, until then…

I do know that he really enjoys reading and looking at books, especially if they are “special only for Christmastime” books.

Even if it’s June.

So we have a few Christmas books that I pack up and pull out, even though I’m supremely lazy. Here are some of the best Christmas books for kids under 4 years old including a few you may have never heard of, perfect for any young child on your list.

All affiliate links provide a small commission for me if you chose to purchase anything after clicking with no extra cost to you so feel free to purchase any of these great books you don’t currently own.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (Classic Seuss)
Because I’m pretty sure it’s borderline blaspheme to not have this classic on such a list. But also because my son is obsessed with the Grinch.

He pretends to be him, and even when I say, “Ok, I guess I’ll take down the decorations and not have any presents,” he persists in saying, “I hate Christmas!” with his best scowley face. It’s a fun book and a great lesson all rolled into one.

Just a Snowman

Little Critter: Just a Snowman

I LOVE Little Critter books. I don’t really know why but I’ve always loved them. My kids follow suit.

I don’t remember who gave Casey this book last Christmas but they did an excellent job. He was obsessed. I lost count of how many times I read it in the first week. Months went by and he was still reading it and choosing it for story time.

He wanted to take it to bed for naps. He wanted to pretend to be the snowman. He wanted a lot of hot chocolate…because they make some at the end of the book. 🙂 It was a little bit ridiculous. And reading it that much kind of strained my relationship with Little Critter, but after packing it up into the Christmas box (long after everything else had been packed) I got a break and was ready to go again.

It’s cute. That’s all. No moral. No obstacle to overcome. Just plain cute. And sometimes, that’s nice.

Sing to Baby Jesus

Sing to Baby Jesus

Possibly the CUTEST animal drawings I’ve ever seen. And it’s a great story to focus on the reason for Christmas – Christ’s birth – without being long or drawn out or so Biblical sounding for such young ears. It’s a song but (since I don’t play piano, much to my mother’s dismay,) I don’t know how it sounds. It’s also a counting book so I guess they could actually learn 2 really important lessons from this book.

And seriously, I have never loved a mouse so much as I did when I saw the one in this book. And the chickens! Ah!! I’m not usually this person. This time, I am!

One other plus, it’s not a super long read so when they’ve plead for “just one more!” you won’t be trapped for 20+ minutes.

The Christmas Gift

The Christmas Gift

While we’re on farm animals…

This is a book most of you will have never heard of. It was written by a friend of mine and one of my favorite people. She has three other books involving her farm animals. The books use pictures of her real, actual, out in the field, animals to tell the stories. I wrote a little more about them here.

This book provides a retelling of the Christmas story that children will love. And the photographs (rather than drawings) of the animals make children love these books. The Christmas Gift is a great way to help your kids understand the real reason for Christmas.


According to me and my kids, these are 4 of the best Christmas books for kids under 4 years old. I hope some lucky kid on your list will enjoy reading these books as much as mine have. And if you have any “must own” Christmas books, please, share them in the comments so I can expand our collection.

Merry Christmas!

The Christmas Gift

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4 thoughts on “Best Christmas Books for Kids Under 4 Years Old

  • December 18, 2016 at 9:04 pm

    We just read the Grinch tonight! It’s currently one of my 18-month old’s favorites. She calls it “Ginch” and she asks for it 2-3 times a day!

  • December 20, 2016 at 1:35 am

    I don´t know any of these, need to check them out (we love reading!). Thanks for linking up at Working Mommy Abroad, have shared 🙂

    • December 20, 2016 at 11:46 am

      Thank you! I hope you like them. My kids sure do!


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