Adorable Children’s Books

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to super great children’s books. I make a small commission off any purchases made from these links. I only promote things that are great though. You should know this!

Who has a pile of kids books in their house? I do!

How many do your kids actually like?

How many do they love?

Often the children’s books I choose for my kids are not the books they choose for themselves. In fact, most of the time, I strike out. They like the book until the newness wears off and then they never want to look at it or ready it again.

It’s frustrating.

One day, at a big barbecue that our town holds every September, I ran into a friend of mine who had just published her second children’s book. She had a little stand selling these books and I bought one to (if I’m being completely honest) support her. I assumed my children would like it for a little while and be over it. But I loved that my friend was out there doing this so I bought it anyway.

Looking back, I wish I had bought both books that day.

The boys LOVED it.

They loved to read it together. They loved to look at it alone. They loved to talk about it. My oldest even pretended to be different animals from the story.

And it didn’t stop.

Yes, the newness faded and they stopped choosing it every time I read them a story, but, almost a year later, they still consistently choose it. They still get it out themselves to look at it. It has become one of the “keepers” despite the fact that it was one I chose for them.

I still only own the first book in The Farmer’s Wife series but I’m sure that my boys would love any stories of these adorable animals. (Plus, the barbecue is coming up again so maybe she’ll be back with her stand!)8x8 Softcover Children's Book
Brenda, the author, just released a third book – Buffy’s Wish. I haven’t gotten it yet but I’m sure it is wonderful.

These books aren’t like most children’s books. They don’t have little cartoon drawings but instead feature the real animals in the real setting they are written about. She raises (and blogs about) several different types of barnyard animals and they are the stars of the books. Anything from chickens to alpacas could show up in her stories. She photographs her actual animals and the actual valley we live in. I think that is the drawing power for my young kids. Every other book they have is animated; these are “real” animals and “real” mountains and fields.

I’ve been told my kids aren’t alone in this. My friend and gardening partner said her grandchildren adore these books and will look at them for hours. My nieces and nephews have also had their fair share of enjoyment from them, although most of them are a bit old for the books to really grab them.

If you are looking to find a perfect Christmas gift for a young child or maybe just a new book to read at bedtime, I would highly recommend trying out any of Brenda’s Kids Books. If nothing else, it might give you a break from reading Goodnight Moon again.

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