3 Core Beliefs that Change Everything

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3 Core Beliefs that Change Everything – It’s about to get religious.

3 Core Beliefs

I’ve never gotten very religious on here. I guess I felt it wasn’t the place. But do you know what I decided? Everywhere is the place, and that other attitude might be a contributing factor in the decline of our World’s values.

So I’m going to get religious.

But only a little.


It’s gonna be a new thing though. When I feel like writing something about my beliefs, I’m going to. Because my religion is probably a bigger part of what makes me who I am as a person and as a parent than any other single contributing factor in my life.

You don’t have to agree. You don’t have to care. If you want to skip these posts, go ahead.

For those of you who stick around, I want this to be a place where we can share a love of God and of Jesus without arguments or embarrassment. I want us to be comfortable talking about the most important aspect of our lives. (Or for some of you, perhaps one of the most important aspects.) Because it will save us all. Not to mention, it will help our families to be happier in the meantime.

So here is the very basis of everything else I know:

  1. God loves us.
  2. Jesus loves us.
  3. Everything they ever do is because of that.

God loves usThe end.

There is nothing more important than knowing that. Every other religious belief I have is based on those 3 core beliefs. Everything I do as a parent or spouse or friends is based on those 3 core beliefs. If we could only remember how much They really love us.

Do bad things still happen? Yes. Do your children ever get hurt walking into a table? Yes. Do you still love them? Exactly. Just because we occasionally get a thump on the head, it doesn’t mean They don’t love us.

We just need to learn to trust in Them. We need to learn to remember, every day, exactly how amazing we are in their eyes. Doing so can help us have calm and confidence and patience and peace.

How have these 3 core beliefs effected you? Or, what do you believe instead?

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